Check Our Instagram Page

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This component will pull posts from clients’ Instagram feed.

Once you’ve connected the user’s Instagram to the plugin and selected a template (I choose simple grid) you can configure some settings.

In the Customize tab you can change the layout from simple grid to whatever. In the Feed Layout make sure the Grid layout is selected, feed height doesn’t need a value, keep padding at 0, and then you can decide the number of posts to show for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Color Scheme you don’t need to make any changes to it. In the Sections area select Header and click the toggle switch to remove it. You can configure the Posts Section however you want but make sure to check the hover state tab to see that the header and Instagram icon have a blue check. If not click on them to activate them. For the Load More and Follow Button toggle those off as well like the Header. The Settings tab doesn’t need any adjustments unless you want to sort the post by newest, number of likes, or random.

Add your heading text and a link to the user’s Instagram page with their user tag as the link text. Make sure to add the @ symbol at the beginning of the link text.