Community Benefits

We’re here to help those who help others. Let us know if you work in the following industries, and we’ll give you 10% off single sessions.

college students law enforcement healthcare workers veterans teachers wheel of text

This component is used to offer a discount to those who work in similar industries. Those industry names are hardcoded and cannot be changed here, but you can decide the discount percentage. These industries will continuously spin around the discount percent.

Start by adding your wysiwyg content. The title is made by highlighting the title, selecting Formats, selecting the correct heading size, and Colors in blue text. The paragraph text is styled by highlighting, selecting Formats, Body Text, and small paragraph. For the button enter your text, highlight it, select the insert/edit link option in the toolbar, add a URL, with it still highlighted select Formats, Buttons & Links, and select the last option Button Group.

In the percentage off you can add a number to represent that percentage on the frontend. This number is styled to be inside the industry names.