The 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt acts as a natural disinfectant. We also use hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet light, and a state-of-the-art Floataway filtration system that filters the water three times between every float session, and every hour even if not used.

This component is used primarily to display FAQs.

To create a new accordion entry click the FAQs tab on the left sidebar then click New FAQ in the top left. The Add Title text field represents the question being asked and will be the text shown when the accordion is collapsed. The wysiwyg content editor will be where you add the answer to the question. This will be shown when the accordion is expanded. You don’t need to add a tag or category for these either.

Once you’ve added a FAQ, you can add this Accordion Component to a page. Add your title in the heading field which will show above the accordion. The Show box has a dropdown where you can select Manual Items or FAQs. If you choose manual items you be able to add a question and answer. With this option, the question and answers only save on that page you are on. So if you want to fill out content on a different page and use the same Accordion FAQs you’ll have to reenter the content again. If you select the FAQs option there will be a list of the FAQs you already made from the FAQ tab on the left sidebar, and these you can use on multiple pages without having to reenter the content again. You can select as many options as you want, and don’t worry about the post type or taxonomy.